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Turbochargers Create Severe Conditions Best Suited For Synthetic Motor Oil

The industry trend toward smaller engines that deliver increased power and fuel efficiency has been well-documented. You've heard us talk ...


The Superior Quality of AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants Doesn't Require Catchy Marketing Terms to Grab Your Attention

Most people aren't drawn to chemistry, and the majority of people would rather do many other things...


Sludge Is The Result Of Insoluble Debris Overloading The Lubricant

Anyone who has purchased a new vehicle knows its value depreciates the instant it's driven off the lot. In some ways, lubricants behave the same way. Once you install an oil or transmission fluid, it begins to age, especially...


Know the Basics and Rely on AMSOIL Technical Services for Success in the Field

In the April 2015 issue of AMSOIL Magazine I touched on the oil requirements and basic operation of reciprocating compressors. In this month's inssue I'd like to cover another very important type of compressor: the...


AMSOIL Continually Invests in Design and Upates to the AMSOIL Product Guides

Designing lubricants for many different industries is a full-time job. It takes knowledge of the lubrication requirements of a vast array of applications, an understanding of chemical technology and the ability to...


Fuel Economy Will Be A Major Factor In The New Diesel Oil Specification Requirements

Fuel economy has been the topic of discussion in many Tech Talks over the past four years. Federal CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) regulations aimed at improving fuel economy and reducing vehicle emissions...


Compressors Are Nearly Everywhere

Like fuel, water and electricity, compressed air is a vital utility that we depend on to support our daily lives. We don't receive a monthly compressed air bill from a utility company, so it's easy to forget how necessary and prevalent it is. Virtually every...


Neglecting Coolant System Maintenance Can Result in Serious Damage and Failure in Other Components, Including the Engine

Why is engine coolant so often neglected? We spend a great deal of time checking motor oil level and making sure it is changed at the correct interval, but many of us spend...


AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil New 700-Hour Limit Provides Clarity for Those Operating Vehicles That Idle Excessively

Oftentimes we talk about how long motor oil can be used - the expected service life - before it needs to be changed. Service life is most frequently described in miles...


Pushing the Boundaries of Lubrication Science Means Braking a Few Parts

There are an awful lot of broken parts in the AMSOIL mechanical lab

When I ask people where they would most like to spend an afternoon during a fall day in Wisconsin, the most common answer is "watching a Packers game at...

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