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AMSOIL Continually Invests in Design and Upates to the AMSOIL Product Guides

Designing lubricants for many different industries is a full-time job. It takes knowledge of the lubrication requirements of a vast array of applications, an understanding of chemical technology and the ability to validate lubricant performance in actual equipment. This important work consumes a lot of the available time and resources within our technical group at AMSOIL. Another one of our main duties is helping AMSOIL Dealers and customers understand which lubricants apply to which applications. The main tool we use to communicate this information are our online product guides.

When someone becomes interested in buying AMSOIL lubricants, their next step is to find out which AMSOIL lubricant is best designed for their particular piece of equipment. The product guides are designed to answer that question. Helping customers find the right lubricant for their applications and making them feel good about this choice is a big job for AMSOIL Dealers. We are working hard to provide tools that help make this process quick and easy.

When it comes to product guides, AMSOIL is plowing earth that most of our competitors won't touch. While they may have automotive/light truck guides, who else provides information pertaining to so many powersports, marine and heavy-duty applications? We have developed exhaustive product guides that make it easy for you to look up your equipment and get the products you're looking for. And they provide more than just motor oil recommendations. Most often we provide recommendations for each and every component that requires lubrication, as well as recommendations for filters, fuel additives, cleaners and other preventive maintenance products, presenting the AMSOIL product guides as easy-to-use resuources for all your AMSOIL product needs.

The AMSOIL Product Guides have been evolving for many years and will continue changing into next year. AMSOIL has invested significantly to improve the quality, quantity and format of this information - and we are not done yet. The online product guides have evolved from a database of primarily automobile and light truck information to mutiple guides that deliver information on snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, marine and more. We are currently in the final design stages of the diesel truck product guide, which will be launched sometime in late Summer. We monitor the use of this database closely and recognize its value, so we continually invest in design and updates to the whole system.

From the web design side, we have invested in making this system more user-friendly by designing for mobile applications and making the data entry easier. We are also working hard to reorganize the data so that it is presented in a less intimidating manner. The changes read less like an owner's manual and more like a personal guide. The product guides seem as though they'd be very straightforward tools to design; just list every piece of equipment every made by car and truck, snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, boat, outboard, personal watercraft, heavy-duty diesel and landscaping equipment and then list the corresponding AMSOIL lubricant. Seems pretty darn easy, so why the big fuss? Well, contrary to popular opinion, we are not on the Christmas card list for any snowmobile equipment manufacturers and we don't get invited to the Summer picnic for motorcycle equipment manufacturers. The information required to make the right recommendation for each application on the guides comes from myriad resources and requires validation.

Imagine how difficult it is to recommend lubricants for the thousands of applications in the marketplace. What viscosity does the OEM recommend? Does the OEM have a specification requirement? What seems like a simple task equals hundreds of hours to research, dig up equipment manuals, log the data and add the appropriate information to our database. And, in the end, there are always a handful of applications that seem to slip through our fingers. Bear with us; we are human, and we work every year to add those applications to our product guides.

Additionally, we need to get the information in a form that works for listing on our website. The whole process requires a lot of human resources, technical resources, creative web developers and a lot of perseverance! It is not so easy, but nothing truly valuable is ever really cheap or easy. Sounds a lot like why many of you became AMSOIL Dealers and Preferred Customers. Thanks for your patience; more application information is coming soon. Published, AMSOIL Magazine 06/15.

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