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Pushing the Boundaries of Lubrication Science Means Braking a Few Parts

There are an awful lot of broken parts in the AMSOIL mechanical lab

When I ask people where they would most like to spend an afternoon during a fall day in Wisconsin, the most common answer is "watching a Packers game at Lambeau Field!" I wonder why they seem to come back so quickly with their answer. The Packers must be doing something right to bring out that type of response. Is it the high expectations? Innovative game plans? Wanting to be part of a winning tradition? I have been to several games at the old Lambeau Field and a few after the renovation, and although I have enjoyed seeing games in this storied home of the Green Bay Packers, I would rather spend a fall afternoon experiencing high expectations, innovative game plans and being part of a winning tradition in the AMSOIL mechanical lab!

OK, Packers games are fun and I know I just opened myself up to multiple letters from skeptical Packers fans, but I am going to make my case anyway. All kidding aside, I really do have a lot of fun seeing how the formulation work we do impacts engine performance, wear protection and durability. The mechanical lab allows us to develop new formulations and immediately see how they impact wear protection and cleanliness in all types of engine platforms.

The investment in the AMSOIL mechanical laboratory was made for one reason: to make AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants better. And then make them better again. And again. And repeat. This continuous improvement process requires innovation and perseverance. Sometimes progress is made in small steps, like a short run for a first down.

Other times, progress comes via a long completion downfield. And there are also times when we fumble the ball in the form of experiments that go backward instead of forward. We often learn more from failed experiments than we do from successes. And the more we push the boundaries of what is possible, the more comfortable we will have to be with temporarily losing yardage prior to putting together a touchdown run.

The AMSOIL mechanical laboratory was designed to be very flexible. Many third-party industry laboratories are designed to develop and run standardized tests used to differentiate between lubricants and fuel additives that fail and those that pass the minimum requirements of the test. Much work is spent on design of the test and then on repeatability and reproducibility. We use some pieces of industry-standard tests in the AMSOIL mechanical lab, but for the most part, we are interested in how AMSOIL products perform in more challenging environments. This allows us to pinpoint the soft spot in our offensive line and find ways to close the gap in performance. Pushing the limits exposes weaknesses, and you can't improve unless you identify what is failing under extreme conditions.

Lastly, we are striving to walk the same path of excellence and tradition set by all the AMSOIL personnel who worked hard on innovative lubricant development through the years. Engine validation that used to take a long time to complete with outside entities can now be turned in as little as a week in the mechanical lab. Our chemists are moving forward with concepts that were almost impossible to validate two short years ago. Now, these concepts are quickly becoming new and upgraded AMSOIL products. Not exactly an Aaron Rodgers fourth-quarter comeback, but it is based on the same attributes: high expectations, innovation and a tradition of excellence. Published, AMSOIL Magazine 01/14.

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