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Carefully Consider All Factors Before Performing Oil Analysis to Ensure Maximum Cost Effectiveness

In April 2014 we introduced the new Oil Analyzers Value Kit as a cost-effective test to determine whether motor oil is suitable for continued use. The kit provides "just the facts," as Joe Friday was...


Without Regular Cleaning, Today's Engines Will Not Deliver the Power and Fuel Economy They are Designed to Deliver

It used to be common practice for vehicle owners to spend Saturday afternoon in the garage, giving their vehicles a tune-up. There was a sense of pride and accomplishment in working...


Much Like Lubricants, However, Coolants Aren't As Simple As They Appear

Motor oil has been a big focus for AMSOIL over the years and this will continue. We spend a lot of time talking about the differences in motor oil designs and...


The Forthcoming ILSAC GF-6 Specification Will Introduce The Lightest Category To Date, SAE 16

AMSOIL gasoline motor oil sales are shifting quickly from predominantly 5W-30 to a combination of 0W-20 and 5W-20 viscosity grades. Historically, ...


A Balanced Formula Is Required For Optimum Performance In All Areas Of Lubrication

I think most people have an idea of what lubrication is and that it is required to keep moving parts moving and prevent them from...


When Quality and Performance are the Main Goals, Value and Customer Loyalty Are Natural Side Effects

AMSOIL is a very fortunate company as we have many loyal customers. I can only guess at all the reasons why...


Other Companies Might Tout Their Quality Control Practices, But Few Approach the AMSOIL Standard

When visitors tour AMSOIL headquarters in Superior, Wisconsin, they frequently comment on the cleanliness of the...


AMSOIL Offers Products That Can Help Avoid Many of Those Problems

The last thing I want to deal with during my free time in the summer is engine problems. I want to be riding or getting my outdoor chores done, not...


AMSOIL New Low Cost Oil Analysis Option Offers Great Value

In order to provide a cost-effective option, Oil Analyzers Inc. (OAI) has launched a new Oil Analyzers Value Kit (KIT14) that focuses on the most critical...


Perhaps Better Known for Their Cold-Temperature Benefits, Synthetics Are Equally Beneficial in Extreme Heat

Summer is on its way, and thank goodness; this winter has really been hard on everything! Wildlife, water...

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