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How Extreme Heat Affects Your Engine and Motor Oil

Jeff Sabatini, of Car and Driver, recently published a revealing infographic that shows the maximum operating temperatures of the Corvette Z06. The graphic points out the temperatures shown will only be seen at the track, and street temps are much lower. Even so, the data confirm what we’re seeing in the auto industry: vehicles are running hotter.

The oil temperature in your family vehicle probably won’t hit 284°F, like in the Z06, but heat is still a threat. High ambient temperatures at the height of summer can negatively affect motor oil performance. Plus, sophisticated new engines equipped with turbochargers and direct fuel injection run hotter than their predecessors, underscoring the need for higher-quality lubrication.

What does extreme heat do to motor oil? It depletes the additives sooner, altering the oil’s chemistry and preventing it from lubricating, cooling and protecting as designed. Sludge can form, which clogs narrow oil passages and prevents oil from reaching vital components, causing wear. Heat can also cause motor oil to evaporate, or volatilize, creating deposits on the intake valves, which impede airflow into the engine and contribute to poor sealing of the combustion chamber. This can lead to rough idle, misfire and reduced power and fuel economy. When oil volatilizes, the lighter molecules evaporate, leaving behind the heavier components. This leads to viscosity increase, which makes the oil more difficult to circulate and reduces fuel efficiency. You may have experienced this when your car “uses” oil and requires frequent top-offs. Volatilization also creates emissions that contribute to air pollution.

The bar for motor oil performance has been raised. Fortunately, AMSOIL INC. is on the vanguard of the industry, tailoring its motor oil formulations for even higher levels of performance. AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil, for example, recently passed a double-length Sequence IIIG Engine Test with flying colors. Motor oil temperature during the test reaches a steady 302°F – higher than the race-inspired Z06. Signature Series controlled piston deposits, cam/lifter wear and viscosity increase despite the intense heat.

With vehicles running hotter, it’s good to know Corvette-level protection is available for your family vehicle.

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