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AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils, Lubricants, Filters and Fuel Additives

AMSOIL Advanced Technology Delivers Premium Protection and Performance


Spend Less on Fuel and Motor Oil

Compared to conventional oils, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils help improve fuel economy while reducing oil consumption, both of which save you money.

The difference in performance starts at the molecular level. The refining process used to produce conventional base...


Can AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants be Safely Mixed Together?

Applications require specific lubricant properties to deliver maximum performance and protection. AMSOIL carefully tailors its synthetic lubricants under the strictest quality control standards to provide the required properties...

One Truck, Four Engines: Gordon Tronson's Equadoline Turns Heads in AMSOIL Booth at SEMA

SEMA 2015 is underway and the AMSOIL booth has been busy welcoming the industry masses. We’ve got a great booth display that speaks to enthusiasts of all kinds. We’ve shown you the one-of-a-kind Evo and the...

How to Reduce Engine Wear with AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils

Engine wear is inevitable. But you can take steps to reduce wear and maximize the life and performance of your engine.

Wear occurs in four primary ways.

Abrasive wear starts with particles that originate as contaminants from outside...