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AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils, Lubricants, Filters and Fuel Additives

AMSOIL Advanced Technology Delivers Premium Protection and Performance


Pair AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil with AMSOIL Oil Filtration

The function of oil filtration is to remove contaminants introduced into the lubricating oil and prevent them from reaching sensitive engine parts – without restricting normal oil flow to the various points requiring lubrication. Two...

What is Cetane?

Cetane numbers are used to indicate the combustion speed of diesel fuel. Diesel fuels with higher cetane ratings have shorter ignition delays, providing more complete combustion and allowing engines to operate more effectively.

Although diesel engines operate best on fuel with a...

Todays Specialized Snowmobiles Demand Specialized Oil

Is Your 2-Stroke Oil Up to the Challenge?

It’s a great time to be a snowmobiler. Modern sleds deliver power, performance and efficiency unthought of a few years ago. And with each new model year, sled manufacturers seem to push the limits of...


Prepare Equipment for Tough Winter Temperatures

The fall months are the time to place boats, motorcycles and lawncare equipment into storage and prepare snowmobiles, snowblowers and other vehicles for the coming winter.

AMSOIL products are formulated to provide maximum protection for engines and...

Turbochargers Create Conditions Best Suited for AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils

The industry trend toward smaller engines that deliver increased power and fuel efficiency has been well documented. The AMSOIL Newsstand contains several articles about the key technologies that enable today’s advanced...

The average operating temperature of a passenger car/light truck engine is up to 235ºF, and higher under heavy loads. Motorists are becoming more familiar with the technologies responsible for this increased heat, specifically turbochargers and direct fuel injection. Automakers are designing...