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Dominator® Coolant Boost

Dominator Coolant Boost has been reformulated with the latest organic-acid technology. The new technology adds to the benefits provided by the previous formulation, including reduced engine temperatures by up to 25ºF (previously 19ºF) in straight-water applications and up to 54 percent faster engine warm-up times (previously 45 percent). 
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Organic acids are more robust and longer-lasting than inorganic acids, offering excellent resistance to scaling, drop-out and corrosion. They also contribute to improved compatibility; the new Dominator Coolant Boost formulation can be mixed with soft, tap and distilled water, in addition to any brand of antifreeze. 

While racers derive the most value from Dominator Coolant Boost, it provides benefits for everyday motorists, too.

Effective Heat Transfer and Enhanced Corrosion Protection
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