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How to Keep Focused While Driving

Whilst you may the world's best driver, distractions can still happen which can cause problems and accidents while driving. To help keep your next trip safe, LLC has some information to share on some common distractions while driving.

Using Your Cell Phone While Driving

If you aren't surprised this is the first item on the list, it's because this well known distraction still occurs. If you must use your cell phone while driving, solely use a voice activated hands free system that requires no physical input on interaction.

Eating and Drinking

Surprised? Don't be. Think about what you do when you eat. You move your hands, hold items, look down to see where the food is. All of these are bad enough alone, however combined create a distraction that can have serious consequences.

Friends in the Car

Are you trying to listen and interact with your friends that are having a party in the back seat? This is one the most avoidable distractions as your driving safety dictates the safety of your friends. Before you head out, remind your friends that you need to concentrate on driving to ensure everybody's safety.

What Color Will I Paint the Kitchen?

One of the biggest distractions on the road is yourself. Stopping at the lights and then letting your mind drift off not only distracts you from immediate danger that could occur while you wait, but once the light does turn green, your brain hasn't come back yet, leading drivers to start driving without paying attention to whether the circumstances in front of them have changed.

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