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Get Your Lawn Mower Clean and Ready to Work

Keeping your lawn nicely trimmed and maintained well plays a large role in the overall appearance of your home. In order to keep it looking great, you have to make sure your lawn mower is working at its best. Simple seasonal maintenance will keep it in great shape and will help avoid future issues. LLC in Jonesborough has simple lawn mower maintenance tips to help you keep your mower performing season after season.

Remove the Buildup

Every time you mow your lawn you're bound to get some grime and buildup stuck in your mower. Use a broom to sweep off any grass or dirt that may have gotten stuck on the body as you worked. The undercarriage tends get caked on buildup after several uses. To remove the buildup, disconnect the spark plug and turn your mower on its side. Put on some gloves and carefully remove the caked on debris. Make sure to thoroughly clean your mower with soapy water twice a year. Scrub it with a soft brush and rinse it off with clean water.

Replace the Air Filter

The air filter in your lawn mower should be replaced once or twice a year depending on how much use your mower gets. A dirty air filter will put more strain on your mower and will waste gas. Replacing the air filter is quite easy and inexpensive. Check out your owner's manual to locate your air filter and for the exact type of filter you need. If your mower uses plastic foam filters, you can wash them in soapy water and reuse them once they're clean.

Take it to a Professional

While most lawn mower maintenance is relatively easy to perform at home, a professional tuneup will ensure your mower is at its best. If you feel uncomfortable performing any maintenance projects, such as changing the spark plug, sharpening the blades and draining the oil, a professional can do it for you. A professional service can also check your mower for any other issues it might have and fix any problems they find.

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