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Steps to Prevent Engine Wear

While a certain degree of engine wear is inevitable, there are steps that you can take to drastically reduce the amounts of unnecessary damage incurred by your engine. In this post, LLC has some tips for protecting your engine.

Abrasive Wear

Starting as contaminants that have made their way inside your engine as soot or dirt, these quickly become ingested in your air and oil intakes. Once there, they clog and prevent your engine from operating efficiently and economically.  One of the best ways to minimize abrasive wear is to use a high quality oil and air filter.

Corrosive Wear

Often referred to as chemical wear, corrosive wear is the result of chemical interactions occurring on metal surfaces, such as the inside of your engine and cylinders. Whilst not restricted to, corrosive wear is largely seen in engines that see seasonal usage, such as dirt bikes or ATVs.

Adhesive Wear

Often one of the harder signs of wear to see is  adhesive wear. Adhesive wear occurs when metal collides with metal under high speeds, temperatures and loads. Whilst your engines surfaces may appear smooth to look at, microscopic spots, or asperities, slide against each other and create a bond. As your engine continues to work, these imperfections are pulled apart leaving behind metal damage. This cycle continues, eventually leading to engine damage and potential engine seizure.

Synthetic Oil in Nashville

When it comes to engine wear and damage, many of the problems, including those above, can be remedied by switching to high quality synthetic oil and lubricants. If you are interested in protecting your engine, speak with an expert at LLC on  423-845-0157 and ask us how Amsoil Oil in Johnson City can protect the quality of your engine.