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A Modern Oil for a Modern Engine

With the advancements in automotive technology, the requirements placed on engine oil and lubricants have never been higher. In this post, LLC has some benefits to share on how synthetic oil can improve engine performance and boost your fuel economy.

Boost Your Engine Performance With Synthetic Oil

When synthetic oil is engineered, additives are introduced to improve the ability to maintain consistency and flow smoothly through your engine to ensure important parts are protected. As a result, moving parts are allowed to operate fluidly, requiring less energy to power your engine. The less energy your engine uses means less fuel usage, extending your drives between visits to the gas station.

Engine Protection During All Seasons

The additives in synthetic oil  also perform another important task - keeping your engine oil flowing during extreme hot and cold temperatures. When the temperatures rise and drop, conventional oil can easily lose its viscosity and fail to provide a complete layer of protection. The additives in synthetic oil allow it to maintain its thickness during all seasonal temperatures and flow fluidly through your engine as it operates, ensuring a constant and thorough layer of protection.

Less Oil Changes With Synthetic Oil

If you find yourself changing your oil more often that you would like, it's time to switch to a synthetic engine oil. Products like AMSOIL's Signature Series synthetic engine oil are purposefully designed to protect and keep your engine cleaner for longer, extending the time between your required oil changes.

Synthetic Oil in Nashville

Providing adequate protection to your engine with synthetic oil and lubricants is one of the most important aspects of engine performance and fuel economy. If you are looking to get the most out of your engine, or simply want to spend less at the gas station, speak with an expert at LLC on 423-845-0157 about how utilizing Amsoil Oil in Johnson City can help you get the most out of your engine.